Inexpensive Homes to Build

Build Custom Home / July 5, 2020

The thought of building a brand-new home for the family can seem financially out of reach for many homeowners, which is why finding dependable and affordable house plans is such an integral part of the process. Just as purchasing an existing home without breaking the bank is about studying the landscape and building a reasonable list of wants and needs based on the location, finding an affordable house plan that meets all your requirements is about thought and planning—and we make it easy for you to understand the options available to you.

These affordable house plans are ideal for building on a budget. Ranging in size generally from 1300 to 2300 square feet, the floor plans tend to be smaller than some of our other homes. The smaller footprint works well on a small lot. The plans also tend to have less complex foundations and framing than other plans – so as to save money on construction materials and labor costs.

Even though these plans are typically smaller in terms of square feet, they offer plenty of smart design elements. Many of these affordable home plans offer basement foundations and such features as porches and eat-in kitchens. Further, our selection of economic and modern house plans features an impressive array of architectural styles that range from Colonial and Craftsman designs to traditional and modern marvels that embody the look and feel of America’s most breathtaking regions. Wherever you plan on building your new house, our affordable home designs are your first step toward creating the home of your dreams.

Choosing an affordable new home doesn’t mean you have to skimp on luxuries or amenities, as we offer a huge selection of functional and fashionable homes in many sizes. That means how you choose to make it fit your budget is up to you. If you want to focus on a small lot size, you can narrow your search according to square footage, or even peruse our selection of tiny homes to truly embrace your inner minimalist. Alternately, you can browse our collection of house plans according to your must-have features in order to guarantee that you find exactly what you’re looking for – no compromises necessary. You can even look through our in-law suite and garage apartment house plans, if you want to build a home with space for aging parents to move in with you or so you can rent the rooms out and earn some extra income each month. Whatever your budget and your needs, our cheap house plans – inexpensive but not low quality! – give you the freedom to follow your dreams and create the ultimate living space for you and your family.

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