Houses Building plans

Faq / February 27, 2018

Detailed floor plans for both the downstairs and loft include pertinent dimensions: for walls, windows, rooms and door openings. You’ll also find the location of all appliances on these plans as well.

Showing the birds-eye view of the house, you see the slopes and pitches clearly called out, as well as the amount of overhang, and individual rafter locations from above for both the roof and porch.

Perhaps one of the most important pages on any set of plans, the transverse section cuts the house in half and shows details such as wall thickness, roofing material details, flooring details, roof pitch, ceiling heights, and insulation.

These plans show the framing for all 4 walls, both gables, and layout the exact location of each stud.

Built on a trailer, the plans describe which trailer to buy, and how to attach to the house. Also included is the floor framing, showing the exact location of each joist and calling out pressure treated joists as needed.