How Much Does It Cost to Build a House?

Cost to Build Own home

Build Custom Home / November 18, 2019

Many of you have asked us in recent days the cost to build a tiny house, in particular hOMe. Before I go into the details, I want to be clear that prices vary from region to region. This is true for both labor and materials. As such, the cost details may be slightly different for you than they were for us; however, the final outcome will be reasonably close, whether you live on the East Coast, West Coast, or somewhere in between or beyond. Furthermore, the tips about how to keep your costs down will translate into savings no matter where you live.

So far the only time that we have felt that hOMe was a bit too small was when we laid all of our receipts out next to each other. We could build another tiny house out of just the receipts! Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but there were a lot of long skinny pieces of paper and a LOT of numbers to crunch to get these totals. I’m not looking for sympathy (okay, maybe a little sympathy), I just want you to know how much went in to getting the two numbers that follow.

So, drum roll please……………………

I’m going to give you two different numbers to describe the cost to build hOMe. Both of these numbers are material costs only and do not include any labor costs because we built the entire thing ourselves. The first includes everything except the cabinetry and appliances. After all, you may want to choose different finishes than we did. That number is $22, 744.06 (yes, we literally took it down to the penny). This equates to roughly /SF. The square footage used to calculate this number is based on the total square footage; i.e. it includes the loft spaces.

The second number is the cost to build hOMe exactly the way we did with all of the details included. This includes everything in the previous number plus all of the cabinetry and appliances, even our $1400 throne (read composting toilet). That number is $33, 089.72 and equates to roughly $95/SF.

SO LET’S TALK ABOUT WAYS TO SAVE MONEY. I’ve outlined the top three ways to keep your budget in line below.

• BUILD IT YOURSELF. This seems obvious, but not everyone considers taking on a project like this themselves. I have been a professional
builder for roughly 20 years and I can tell you from experience that paying someone to build your house will likely double the total cost. What’s more, I have been teaching hands-on construction workshops since 2004 and have personally taught well over 1200 people how to build their own
house. With the right resources and guidance, building one’s own house is well within the grasp of most people. Over the years, I have seen many people with little or no building experience step up and successfully build their own home. I have seen this again, and again, and again. We wholeheartedly believe that building shelter with one’s own hands in embedded deep in our DNA and allowing this inner knowing to come to light is an amazing experience. The sense of accomplishment that comes with building one’s own home cannot be measured in words. It is something that breathes life into the heart of men and women alike and will be an experience you never forget.