You can build this cute cottage in just 2 days

Build your own Wooden House

Simple House Building / December 24, 2017

This year’s DIY Advent Calendar is definitely my favorite so far! These tiny wooden houses lined up on my mantle are just about the most charming Christmas decor ever! I made the advent wooden houses out of Balsa wood, which is soft and easy to cut with scissors. We created an awesome printable template so you can make your own! The houses are bottomless so you just lift them up and your treats are under the house! I decorated ours with gold spray paint and a lot of snow, but these are a blank canvas when you make them, so be creative and do whatever you like! Starting December 1st, I’ll have a Godiva treat for Zan and I, as well as something small for Romeo and we’ll countdown to Christmas. Another cute idea is to write down a holiday activity you want to do everyday to put in each house. It can be something small like hot cocoa or make a Christmas craft. Also, you can print scriptures to put in each house telling the story of Christmas. Whatever you decide to do, I know you’ll enjoy these sweet, little advent houses!

Directions below…

Wooden Advent Calendar Houses

Supplies: Use the S&C; wooden house template, 10 sheets of Balsa Wood (1/8 x 3 x 36 inches), hot glue, scissors, gold spray paint, clear glue (for snow), fake snow, number stickers, treats and toys to hide under the houses.

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2. Use the shapes to cut the Balsa wood. I just placed it onto and then cup around the shape of the house. You’ll have 6 pieces for one house.

3. Hot glue the sides of the houses together.

4. Once they’re assembled, spray paint them gold or whatever color you want!

5. Put clear glue on the roof of the house and pile on the fake snow.