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Build your Own house kit Homes

Faq / February 12, 2018

Have you ever wondered about the ultimate DIY project: building your own home? The truth is, it can actually be one of the most fun and rewarding projects to take on, as long as you know what you’re doing… but many of us simply don’t realize all that can go into such a project (adhering to local building codes, choosing materials for the shell and siding, knowing the legalities of door frames and hallways, ensuring that every selection is climate-appropriate, and so on.

Buying vs. Designing vs. Building

Buying a home is less of a hassle and less expensive than hiring contractors to build your dream home, but you’re also less likely to end up with a home that covers everything on your checklist.

Designing your own home gives you the advantage of playing a part in every single decision, from the type of tiling to the appliances to the crown molding and more. However, as many people who have gone this route with architects and contractors know, it can be an absolute nightmare to get to the finished product—past the completion deadline, went over budget, etc.

However, building your dream home doesn’t have to turn into a horror story if you do the job yourself. The scariest thing about building your own home is the overwhelming nature of having to understand the ins and outs of municipalities, climate-appropriate building materials, and various design options.

While most prefabricated homes are ones that you pick out and are built for you, prefabricated “kit homes” are one of the best inventions for the modern homeowner and DIYer. These homes allow moderately experienced DIYers to get their feet wet in construction without putting them through the many hassles of building codes and material selection and so on, as the manufacturer has already addressed many of these issues in the home’s design. In fact, the concept of building your own home in this way is probably more popular than you thought.

“More and more we hear about people acting as their own builder in order to either save money or fulfill a life-long dream, ” said Steve Linton, president of Deltec Homes. “The DIY Collection makes it a lot easier by offering set floorplans and features, allowing customers to start building much quicker.”

The Truth about “Kit Homes”

For even the most eager DIYers, kit homes provide the opportunity to design and build your own home without any of the stresses associated with construction and architectural planning. Deltec Homes’ new DIY Collection offers predesigned, standardized home shells that go straight from production to the customer to start building.


Worried about getting stuck with a cookie-cutter, boring, mass-produced home? Don’t be. Companies like Deltec Homes offer DIYers ample options to make sure their home is tailored to their tastes. With nine different floor plan variations between four models, choosing the right model to build is just like choosing to buy a home based on listings a realtor would provide you with. In fact, Deltec even offers beautiful round floor plans that feature open concept layouts and panoramic views.

Plus, you have the ability to upgrade the home as you wish. These options are much more limited than you’d get if you were working with an architect and contractor, but it does give you a bit of flexibility with upgrade options for decks, garages, and siding. Deltec plans to add two more models this year.


Don’t get these DIY homes confused with tiny homes. They are not the same concept. The DIY homes range from 800 to 2, 000 square feet, so you are building a modest, but comfortable, home.

An experienced DIYer can always build on to the home later as needed. The most important thing is getting the main house in place, then you can expand as your needs change and you’ve acquired more experience to do so on your own.


Compared with the cost of buying a new home or designing a new home, going the prefabricated “kit home” route may be a no-brainer for your budget, depending on the area you reside in. In addition to the price tag of the home, buying an already established house can cost a lot in inspection costs, survey costs, taxes, brokerage fees, and more.

While Deltec has a variety of home collections, prices for DIY packages can range from $32, 000 to $96, 000, which includes a 2' x 6' x 8' wall, roof, and floor system for basement or crawlspace foundation, a choice of overhang and windows, and a pre-installed Typar weather barrier. You are able to pay more for certain upgrades if you’d like, but even with upgrades, by building yourself, you’re looking at a dramatically lower cost than that of buying or designing a home.


Although you aren’t custom-designing your home, you do get a few options with Deltec’s DIY Collection. Once you’ve made your selections, your home package will be put together and delivered in as few as two to three months.

Additionally, from the moment you put down your despot, you’ll have ongoing support from Deltec Homes’ staff. A lot of other companies are all or nothing—if they aren’t building it and they have your money, you’re on your own. With Deltec, it’s the opposite. This company provides 24-hour customer support because it is so important to provide customers with all the help they may need as they explore options and start to build. After all, we are talking about the home that will shelter you for years to come; it should not be taken lightly or left to chance.