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Build Custom Home / February 11, 2021

I truly wish we had done more research on Toll Brothers and read more of these reviews prior to purchasing our lot in Massachusetts. To say that we are disappointed, frustrated and upset would be an understatement. The reason we did purchase with them is that land by/around the Boston area is very hard to come by so we felt that given the cost of the land and the town that we wanted to be in, this would be the best option. Thankfully we love the town and our neighbors but the entire process even a year later has been incredibly frustrating, incompetent and just a true lack of transparency.

Dealing with the sales manager was like dealing with a used car salesperson and yes that is meant with all the offensive and irritating emotions that that stereotype is supposed to conjure up. She was very evasive, broad and overly not helpful. In the end, we have realized that we were basically lied to but the company line is that 'we reserve the right to change and that is quoted in your closing document'. However, when you are making the purchase decision, you are assessing ALL of the information possible and what the sales manager is telling you, you are expecting to be truthful. It is not.

When we did decide to purchase, we were asked (as is company policy) to pick ALL of our structural elements when you put the deposit down on your lot (which was 6 months before they even broke ground and a almost a year before close). We were sent home with 'homework' to understand what was structural and what we wanted to include.

When we met with said sales manager to make our decisions, she started asking us about options that were not listed as structural but actually were, i.e., our tub. When we stated this error and that we needed more time to re-assess, we were told it was an oversight on their part and no, we could not reschedule this meeting. I literally burst into tears! What?! We were dropping well over $1M and did not have time to fully assess what was structural and what was not. When we asked to speak to her manager, we were told no, we could walk away from the lot since they had a waiting list.

We should have taken this as a sign but we didn't as we did really want this lot, in this town and wanted to build so we made some gut decisions, not really identifying the implications. (And by the way, our tub is fine but way too small for the space.) The same time crunch was pressed upon us when selecting interior design. They also do not tell you anywhere what is 'included' and what the cost of the upgrades were. So again, when you are trying to make structural decisions, you have no clue what your interior will cost. All we were told was that we should make a budget. Yes, thank you, I'm buying a $1M house, I understand how a budget works, that was not my question. My question was for you to provide me with more information so I could make an educated, well-informed decision.

We were forced to pick all of the interior work (for a 5, 000 square foot house, that is a lot!) in a 2 month time window and again, no changes were allowed. If you are like me and have children (I was also pregnant) and work full time as does your spouse, this is very stressful and they are not helpful. They told us to go look at model homes, which we did. When we came back and asked about features that the model home showed, like light fixtures, built-ins, flooring, landscaping, etc., we were told that these were selected outside of Toll based on their design team. Again, what?!?! Isn't that false advertising? Why are we looking at a home with a minimum amount of Toll features, even upgrades weren't featured. We said we would pay for them and they said they weren't even an option.

We got into multiple disputes about our actual lot. We were told one thing by said sales manager and project manager during the deposit and then everyone had amnesia. They also rotated Project Managers very quickly, we had 4 within a year and each one feigned ignorance about our situation, since 'they weren't here'. I understand if you want to rotate people (though not at that frequency but regardless) then they should have a process for communicating information. We continually asked to speak to someone higher and we were told no. Finally, our lawyer, sent a letter to HQ and unfortunately, that is when we finally got action but it honestly shouldn't come to that point.

Our house was delayed multiple times and for weeks and finally months. It was like being at the airport and your flight keeps getting delayed for 30 minutes for 6 hours, it was that frustrating. We would have a closing date, it would be pushed out a week and it continued for about 3 months. Finally, we had a closing date that we were holding them to or holding money (again, it shouldn't come to that point but it did). So they were actually doing the landscaping on our closing date and did such a rush job it is embarrassing.

We did have a punch list post the close date and they were actively checking items off for about 2-3 months and then they went radio silent. We are in our 11 month and like others, have not been contacted about our 11 month check-in despite multiple emails, phone calls and in person chats with the managers on site. Our yard still needs to be re-graded, front porch fixed, drywall re-done, etc.