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Things Needed to Build a House

Simple House Building / June 1, 2021

Dream Home

So, you’re considering extending your home?

Most people are full of enthusiasm and keen to crack on with any new project, but with a little thought, careful planning and patience you will be much more likely to get your desired end result. Before you get carried away with the excitement of the project and start choosing new kitchens or furniture, there are many, more important things that you need to know and understand. Here are just 10:

1. Quality

One of the first things we ask clients is "why do you want the extension?"There are a multitude of answers but they usually fit in with one or a few categories:

b) You want to change the building into your final dream property?

You may already have your home in a great location with no intent on moving again. If you’re settled in your location the reason to extend may simply to be gain extra space and create your dream home. If that’s the case the project is much more about maximising the value of day to day experience of your home, and usually a better quality building would be required.

c) You want to add value to you home.

If the project is all about increasing the property value, it would be worth speaking to an estate agent to get a feel for what value potential your home has. Inevitably there will be a glass ceiling in the area, and in relation to your property plot and setting. A careful balance needs to be struck between producing a high standard of finishes and not spending more than will be recouped upon sale.

d) You need to create much needed extra space in the short term until you can afford to move.

Think how much you will spend on your extension against the cost of moving.Consider that after removal costs, legal fees, stamp duty and resettlement costs, you're going to want to redecorate and make some changes to the property you move into. All of that money is often dead money by the time you're up and running. How far would that money go in improving the home you're in.Building services If you would be altering the property you are considering moving to, then spending that extra money on improving the property you're in could make a home that your would never consider leaving!

e) There's just that bit of your home that niggles you every time you see it / use it.

Unless you have a home you really hate (in which case move now!) then for a modest budget, you can usually make some really effective alterations that provide the space you want and makes the whole property work for you, look and flow much better.

What budget do you have to deliver the project? It's time to be honest and up front.

Many people clam up at the mere mention of the budget but the purpose of setting a proper budget is so that design time isn’t wasted and so the final design is something that can be afforded by you, and actually delivered.

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