Building House in India - step by step

Steps to Build a House in India

Simple House Building / May 25, 2022


Good planning makes like simpler when you build your home. The first step is to allocate funds for plot purchase and home construction separately from your total budget.

  • Important points to keep in mind while selecting plot location:
  • Distance from work place, railway station, bus stand, and airport
  • Availability of public amenities like road, water, electricity, drainage, etc.
  • Availability of hospital, parks, recreational centres, etc.
  • Important points to keep in mind while purchasing plot:
  • The land is not prone to frequent flooding
  • There are no known earthquake faults in close proximity to your plot
  • The plot should not be under any acquisition/litigation proceedings
  • Check for plot survey number and ensure that land title deed is clear
  • Obtain a no objection certificate for the plot from the registrar’s office

Hiring Services of Professionals

Once you have finalized the plot you can meet professionals like Architects/Engineers/Contractors, etc. for design and drawing of your home. He should be registered with the Municipal Authority. He will provide you with the plan, elevation, side and rear views of your proposed house along with steel reinforcement details.

  • From your hired professional you will need to get the following:
  • Certificate of undertaking from Architect
  • Certificate of undertaking from Structural/Civil engineer
  • Certificate of undertaking from Construction Supervisor
  • Structural design basis report from Structural/Civil engineer
  • Certified copies of building plans

If you are engaging a contractor then specify the terms and conditions in writing to him. You must specify the construction schedule, payment terms, quality of work, quality of material like cement, sand steel, finishing & fittings, electricals, sanitary items, etc. in the contract specification.

Budgeting and Estimation

Estimates will depend on the actual design and drawing of your home and market rate of materials and labour. However, an approximate estimate can be done before that. Construction cost depends on the quality of construction and the finish you want to have. Just to illustrate – a high class finish construction can cost you as much as 50-100% higher than an economy class finish.

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