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Build Custom Home / May 21, 2020

1. STAKING THE LOT This is when you will decide where on your lot your house will be located and what position you would like it to be in. Stakes are then driven into the ground to indicate this. It’s wise to have a surveyor do this for you because they know the codes and restrictions for the area you are building in.

2. CLEARING, ROUGH GRADING & EXCAVATING Clearing is when the trees, roots & rocks are removed from the construction site, thus getting it ready to build on. Rough grading consists of moving the dirt around to create the yard, driveway and drainage that you would like to have. Then comes the excavating, this is when the hole is dug for your foundation.

3. TEMPORARY UTILITIES You will want to have power, water, and a portable toilet set up for your subs while the construction is being done.

4. WELL If you need a well, it is a good idea to have it drilled now so your subs can use water during construction.

5. FOOTINGS The footing is the concrete that supports the foundation of the house. It can be poured into wooden forms or in trenches.

6. FOUNDATION The foundation is the actual supporting structure of a home. The finished foundation should be high enough so that water will move away from the house. It should also be waterproofed to keep water from accumulating in the basement or in the crawl space.

7. ROUGH IN SLAB PLUMBING Here is where you install any plumbing that needs to go under the concrete.

8. SLABS These are the installed and poured concrete basement and garage floors.

9. SEPTIC SYSTEM If you do not have town sewer, you will need to have a septic tank and drain field put in to dispose of your household waste.

10. FRAMING & WEATHERPROOFING This is when the walls, roof, windows and exterior doors are put up. This will keep the house dry from any type of weather. Also, at this time the framing for the inside floors and ceilings are installed. Now it’s actually beginning to look like a house!

11. EXTERIOR SIDING AND TRIM This is when the siding, veneers, stucco or whatever you happen to be using is completed.

12. ROOFING NOW IT’S TIME TO SHINGLE – Be sure the vent pipes are in and any chimneys are installed first.

13. ROUGH-IN HVAC, PLUMBING & ELECTRICAL – This is when the heating, cooling, pipes and wiring will be roughed-in. An inspection will need to be conducted once this is done.

14. INSULATION & DRYWALL After the inspection for the rough-ins is complete you can begin to insulate. Insulation is measured by its R-value. The higher the number, the more insulating it provides. This is very important to know to be able to keep your heating and cooling costs down. Once the insulation is complete, the drywall can be put up. First, it is screwed to the wall studs and ceiling joists, next it is taped at the seams and then joint compound is applied. We call this “hung, taped & mudded”.

15. PRIME & PAINT Time to spray the prime and paint. It’s best to do this before the flooring is installed. Any outside painting that needs to be done can be completed at this point as well.

16. FLOORS Hardwood floors, vinyl, tile can now be installed.

17. DOORS, TRIM & CABINETS Time to hang the interior doors, put up the trim, baseboards and moldings and install the cabinets and countertops.

18. SAND AND FINISH WOOD FLOORS The wood floors are now sanded and the first coat of finish is applied.

19. APPLIANCES Time to put in the stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, built in microwave, washer, dryer and any other special equipment you have chosen.

20. FINISH PLUMBING, ELECTRICAL AND HVAC The plumber comes back to put in the toilets, sinks, faucets and any other fixtures needed. This is called trimming out. The electrician can then install the outlets, light fixtures, switches, ceiling fans and door bells. He will also hook up the appliances, furnace, air conditioner, etc. The HVAC sub then comes in to install the registers and get the furnace and air conditioning running properly.

21. HARDWARE, SCREENS, SHOWER DOORS AND MIRRORS time to put in the window, door and closet hardware along with window screens. Also shower doors can be installed and mirrors can be hung.

22. FINAL PAINT, WOOD FLOOR FINISH & CARPETS Any drywall repairs and final painting can be completed. Don’t worry, it’s normal to have a few dings that will need to be touched up in the drywall after the other subs are done their work. The last finish on the floors can be done & the carpets can be installed now as well.

23. CLEAN UP The final inside and outside clean up can now be done.

24. DRIVEWAY Once all of the heavy trucks and equipment are done their job, you can do the driveway.

25. LANDSCAPING Time to plant the grass, shrubs and trees, make the flower beds and put down any mulch or other landscaping you would like completed. This finishes the look and you are ready to move in!!

Source: homebuildingestimates.com