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A Quick Guide to Building an Effective In-House SEO TeamThe amount of content out there for deciding between building an internal team or an external team is incredible. There are pluses and minuses to both sides, but one of the struggles with building an in-house SEO team is: Where do you begin?

Building a team which needs one certain kind of expertise can be difficult, especially if you do not have that expertise. I have seen both sides of this type of agency and an in-house SEO team being built, and I feel as though it shouldn’t be hard to build an internal SEO team.

This inspired me to put together this guide to show you how I would build an SEO team if I were on the client side and didn’t want to use an agency. You can always have a combination of the two, but I will only discuss building a 100% in-house team.

Here are the steps I would take to develop a rock star SEO team capable of world Google domination.

Step 1: Develop the Budget

Therefore, if you want super-scrappy SEO work, you can pretty much calculate one salary at the mid-level range. You also want to throw in some SEO tools and money spent on education, so you can expect a 10%-of-salary cost on SEO tools. Then, let’s not forget the contractors to help them with content writing and other tasks.

These calculations are calculated yearly:

Super Scrappy SEO Team (1 Specialist):

$45, 000 for salary + $4, 500 for tools + $8, 000 for contractors

Scrappy SEO Team (1 SEO Manager):

$60, 000 for salary + $6, 000 for tools & training + $20, 000 for contractors

Small Enterprise SEO Team (1 manager and 2 specialists):

$150, 000 for salary ($60, 000 (SEO manager) and 2X $45, 000 (SEO Specialists)) + $15, 000 in tools & training

Enterprise SEO Team (1 VP/Director, 1 Manager, 2 Specialists, 2 Copywriters/Outreach Specialists):

$340, 000 for salary ($100, 000 for VP and everyone else is $45, 000, other than the manager at $60, 000) + $34, 000 for tools & training

The enterprise team is more for SEO agencies targeting larger enterprise businesses, and the smaller enterprise team targets smaller enterprise businesses or larger enterprise companies with not a lot of buy-in when it comes to SEO.

Now, the scrappy team(s) might not be a one-person show. They usually have a Director of Marketing or VP of Marketing who also assists with strategy and other initiatives.

If you are just starting out building a team, I would recommend one of the scrappy level of team builds, (although this depends on your risk appetite and needs.)

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