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Inexpensive Ways to Build a home

Build Custom Home / July 20, 2020

costa_rica_container_exteriorIn the last decade the cost of building or buying a home has increased dramatically in Costa Rica. Why? The country is more developed than its neighbors so prices and the standard of living are higher. Also the price of building materials has risen significantly. So, the question is whether an affordable method of building homes exists for budget-minded retirees. This answer is yes.

Container homes are becoming increasingly popular because of their low cost. It is estimated the one can save 25 to 30 percent by choosing to build a container-style home. On top of that some of these homes can be ready in less that a month. Traditional homes can take four months or much longer to build, depending on their size and location.

Here are the advantages of building a container home:

  1. They are safer than regular homes in earthquakes because these structures are surprisingly strong.
  2. They are also light-weight and easy to move to any location.
  3. No construction permit is required when assembled which can save a person a lot of money and headaches.
  4. A variety of finishings and textures can be used on the wall of the container, so that when finished it is hard to believe that the structure was ever a shipping container.
  5. Several containers can be combined or stacked to make a large home.
  6. The construction time is much shorter than a regular home.
  7. These structures are easy to place in almost any location, especially where difficult access is an issue.
  8. The designs are very modern and adaptable.

Source: www.liveincostarica.com