Tiny Pallet House or Cabin: DIY Tutorial

How to Build your own Wooden house?

Simple House Building / March 7, 2020

Gerry and Karol French of Madison are building a new home using wood from their own land.

They own 20 acres of land near Wautoma, half is a mix of red and white pine - 45 years old.
The log home will be built on a hillside site South of Cross Plains, WI.

Alex Greene - Red Beard Lumber is doing the logging and woodworking with his WoodMizer sawmill.

The logs were cut during the HOTTEST week of the year, but at least the bark peeps off more easily in June.

L to R - Isaac, Alex, Prairie, and Brian
A mill extension was used to cut 30 foot long logs for the home.

A four wheel drive Kubota tractor with a Farmi winch did the skidding.

Timbergreen will be making oak and cherry flooring and cabinets, also from trees cut from the French's land.

The Cross Plains Building Project:

This layer of hard limestone took a lot of extra time and money to excavate for the driveway.

Alex and Jim sawmill the hardwood logs along side the road, for the flooring, decking, and cabinets.

A 460 Million year old fossilized "Stromatalite" (colonial algae) shows that this was ocean beach front property a while back.

Mark Armstrong (on ladder) steadys a rafter for Bryan Butteris and Alex.

Alex and Prairie install pine paneling from their trees.

White and Burr Oak quartersawn decking was made with their own wood.

The Electrician readies the kitchen area.

Dry lumber is made into flooring on the Logosol Molder

Source: www.timbergrowers.com