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How to Build your Dream home?

Build Custom Home / June 27, 2021

Whether the Green Belt should be loosened, tightened or taken off altogether is a hot topic among house builders, councils and conservationists.

The general perception is that it’s a struggle to get anything built in the swathes of nature around our towns and cities – and perhaps it should be. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach, but with good design and up-to-date knowledge of both local and national planning issues, it is possible to create architecturally innovative homes that complement the landscape.

In West Oxfordshire’s Green Belt stands a bold, contemporary house in an idyllic lakeside setting surrounded by farmland. Until a few years ago it was a redundant barn, having lived through various business uses and fallen surplus to requirements. The family that owned it wanted to turn it into a home for themselves, extending the original 19th-century structure to add space, light...