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How to Build a Custom house?

Simple House Building / December 1, 2021


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I find the majority of new houses to be very ugly and I have been wondering lately how much it is to build a custom house vs purchasing a generic track house.

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A lot of builders just build the same basic box over and over again. They may look a lil different but they are the same under the skin. Good reasons for it. They get it down to a method and that is cheaper. Plus the workers get used to doing it the same, that is faster.

Custom usually means maybe different materials, different supplies, a lot of different things. Yep, expect to pay a lot more.

You can customize the basic box without adding a whole lot more to the price. Got to do it while in the planning stages tho. Once construction starts it is a change order and that usually is Big Bucks.

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It doesn't have to cost a lot more. You can go two routes, you can be the builder yourself, hiring the subcontractors directly which will give you a real hand-on experience of building your house. In which case you can save substantial amounts of money (my brother and my parents both did this, my brother saved about $80, 000 on his house, my parents about $45, 000.) Or you can hire a good builder who does custom homes and pay him (I have a friend who's a builder and his standard markup is 15% for materials and labor) for his expertise and supervision. Since the housing market is taking such a beating, this is an excellent time to try to custom-build a house.

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You can hire a consultant to help you through the process. I've heard good things about the company UBuildIt.

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