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House Building cost per square FT

Simple House Building / March 28, 2021

cost-of-building-custom-home-20132017 Update: this archived post was originally written in 2014, based on data from 2013. The cost of building has increased since it was originally posted. Costs per square foot are higher now, so please be aware, although the relative cost of building in Colorado as compared to other regions of the USA has generally remained the same.

One of the most common questions we get when people are interested in building a custom home here in Colorado is “how much does it cost per square foot?” While this can be a loaded question due to many variables (i.e. whether you want a one-story or two-story floor plan, the level of finish, your need for well and septic or city water/sewer), over the years, we’ve crunched the numbers and we’ve found that in Colorado Springs, it costs, generally, somewhere around $110-120 per square foot to build a custom home. (This cost, of course, excludes the cost of the land you build it on).

cost-of-building-custom-home-colorado-regionsI was curious how this stacks up with other regions across the nation, so I dug around to see some comparable numbers. This great chart just released by The National Association of Home Builders shows how custom home building costs across the USA (see below).

The NAHB decided to break down costs into nine different regions. Below is a list of each region and its associated cost (on average) per square foot for a custom home:

  1. Pacific – $145/ft
  2. New England – $143/ft
  3. Mountain – $107/ft
  4. West North Central – $103/ft
  5. Middle Atlantic – $103/ft
  6. East North Central – $90/ft
  7. South Atlantic – $88/ft
  8. West South Central – $85/ft
  9. East South Central – $84/ft