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Home Building cost Per square Foot

Simple House Building / February 2, 2018




Roofing Materials A typical dimensional shingle roof costs $22, 000 installed. An upgraded dimensional shingle roof adds anywhere from $10, 000 to $40, 000 depending on selection.
Exterior Veneer Typical residential siding averages as low as $8/sq ft, while brick and stucco average $15/sq ft. Stone veneer can cost upwards of $30/sq ft.
Flooring Selection Builder-grade flooring assumes a $6/sq ft allowance for wood floor and a $25/yard allowance for carpet. High end materials such as engineered hardwood start at approximately $12/sq ft, and we have found a $45/yard carpet allowance to be more realistic.
Appliance Selection A nice GE appliance package ranges from $8-12, 000. High-end SubZero and Wolf appliances can exceed $35, 000.
Home Shape & Design Corners cost money. The least expensive home to build is a simple salt-box design. Today’s custom homes are rarely square, featuring many corners – all which add building costs.
Foundation, Exposure, Retaining Walls & Decks A flat lot with no slopes or exposures adds $0 in building expense, a partially exposed basement typically adds $15, 000. A fully exposed basement can add $50-150, 000 in additional costs such as frost footings, waterproofing, added foundation height, retaining walls, decking and exterior veneer.
Soil Conditions, Footings & Lot Preparation A typical “subdivision lot” requires approximately $7, 000 in lot preparation costs.