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Home Building Consultants

Build Custom Home / July 11, 2019

Specializing in Owner/Builder Packages and New-Builder Coaching & Consulting Start-up

There's no better time to consider building your own home. Interest rates remain low and you can still take advantage of favorable construction costs.

If you are among the thousands of people that are ready to take the plunge into home-ownership, Builder's Academy, Inc. is here to help you learn how to get there. Builder's Academy was founded in 1994 by Bryon A. Parffrey on a single premise: to help people just like you to enjoy the benefits of living in your own custom-built home. Bryon with his multiple custom-builder home-building packages has given many new home owners the wonderful benefits of being able to live in their own quality-built, custom homes. Many of Bryon’s home owners often enjoy the instant equity that comes from cooperative building.

You Control the Project or We’ll Build It For You

We have a full range of custom home building packages. Builder's Academy Consultants have assisted hundreds of people from every walk of life to build their own dream home. If you are willing to do your part, Builder’s Academy is here to introduce you to the exciting and rewarding world of being an owner-builder. We can also provide you with valuable expertise during any important phase of the building operation. Many of our clients have even gone on to continue building new dream homes by using the skills Builder’s Academy Home Building Consultants have provided.

We’ll Build It

Let us take on the responsibility to build your custom home. Come on in and talk with us about what it is you’re looking for in your dream home. He can help you anywhere along the home ownership process. From financing to foundation and frame to finish, we can professionally have you moved into your new home in a surprising short time. Call us for an appointment to discuss your dreams of becoming a custom home-owner.

Owner/Builder Packages

Save thousands and become involved in building your own custom home. You decide how much you want to save. The more you’re involved in your home-building project the more you’ll save. We can help you save. We are there when you need us. Builder’s Academy has helped hundreds of people build their own custom homes. Some, with our Builder’s Academy Education Program, have used this knowledge and have completely built their homes by themselves, saving thousands. Others have chosen some of our many Owner/Builder packages to combine our expertise with theirs to take-on the building processes and still save thousands. Call us for an appointment to discuss your dreams of living in your own custom built home.

Builder of Record

Many financial institutions require owner/builders to obtain an “experienced home builder” to be the “Builder of Record” for an owner/builder’s home. We work with many financial institutions that recognize Builder’s Academy Builders as top-quality home builders. If you need a builder of record, we can do that. If you need owner/builder financial assistance, we can help there as well. We work with many financial institutions that are eager to help our clients become custom home-owner/builders. Call us for an appointment, we are eager to help you become your own home-owner/builder and live in your own custom-built dream home.

If you're considering any company as your Builder of Record, you may wish to ask them exactly how many visits they are planning on making for your project, and if they are having any independent TREC approved inspections performed. Other important questions to ask include, are they actively a member of the GHBA (Greater Houston Builder's Association) and are they registered with the TRCC(Texas Residential Construction Commission). These are only some of the questions to ask of your Builder of Record. We at the Builder's Academy, Inc. are ready, willing and able to help you attain your dream of home ownership! Buying it or building it with your hands or ours, we're here to help.