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Frugal home Building

Build Custom Home / November 17, 2015

advice on building home frugallyHowever, I’m positive that some of you have been through this process and have some wisdom to share. Read the email below, and please do leave your advice in the comments!

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I’m in a bit of a desperate hunt for house building advice. My husband, three older kids, and I just sold our house (had to actually pay money to do it), but made ourselves free to move to our 5 acres with the intent of homesteading. Anyway…..

The only debt we have is the land payment and we are stuck on what kind of house to build. We have chosen a few smaller home plans (1300-1400 sq ft) but when we add in a basement option, a mud room option, hardwood floors (I don’t want any rugs at all), a metal roof (good in warding off any fires from the forest), non vinyl windows…… it all adds up.

We can swing such a payment but were kind of hoping to have a very small mortgage payment. We even considered converting our 30’x40′ garage on our land not our home. But we fear, in the end, it would add up to be as much as a house built for us. And we certainly need a garage if we homestead. There’s a lot to consider.

Have you come across people who have built their own homes? What have they done in order to remain frugal? When I look up frugal homes on the internet I find tiny, tiny homes or ones that are just plain strange.

Source: www.thefrugalgirl.com