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Eco-House Building

Simple House Building / December 31, 2021

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  1. Using this will help you by having fresher food, less petrol going up and down for fruits and vegetables and saves you some money.
  2. Purchase solar equipment. Solar equipment is useful to save costs on electricity and shrinking your bills. This includes solar chargers, solar phone chargers, solar night lights and many more. Every small thing you purchase that doesn't use electricity save you money.
  3. Swap all your light bulbs for LED lights. LED lights use almost half the wattage a normal light bulb will use. This will also save you money and looks much better. LED light bulbs come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  4. Reduce the need for using elements. This includes dryers, ovens, kettles and many more. Reduce by using a clothes line instead of a dryer. Purchase energy efficient products.
  5. Image titled Build an Eco House on a Budget Step 2 Stop the need of using lights during the day. Open all your blinds to get natural light through the house. At night use solar night lights in your rooms and only have a TV on.
  6. Swap your plasma TV for an LED TV. Yes this does affect your budget but by now you should have enough money you save from the previous steps. Plasma TVs burn so much electricity and LED burns less. What do you want? Pay more or less?

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  • Click on the links for more information and go through the sites to purchase solar equipment.


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