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Cost to Build House per square Foot

Simple House Building / November 12, 2016

The cost of construction will depend on the geographical location of the project. For eg. a home construction project that takes 1500 Rs/Sqft in Chennai will take 1200 Rs per Sqft in Jaipur. This mainly due to variation in price of Locally Procured materials and Labours as well as availability of Sand, Cement and Steel in that particular state.

Apart from these variations, cost of project within a particular city will vary dpending upon the following factors :-

  1. Purpose of Construction - A house that will be rented once completed will have very basic features and fittings as compared to one where you will stay personally
  2. Type of fittings and internal finishing - Using Jaguar Fixture vs Parryware and using Marble Floor vs Vitrified tiles make a significant cost difference
  3. Exterior Cladding/Finishing - If you are looking for expensive stone cladding for your house, this will cost extra
  4. Total no of floors and built-up area - For a residential construction, cost tends to decrease with larger area and more number of floors. For eg. a G+2 construction for a 1000 sqft plot will be slightly cheaper than a G+1 1500 sqft plot, although both are 3000 Sqft in built up area

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Source: www.quora.com