How Much Does It Cost To Build A House?

Cost to Build a home Yourself

Build Custom Home / November 23, 2019

I'm having such a hard time finding pricing on home building if you are going to do most of the work yourself. My husband is a skilled laborer and the things we would hire out are:

- pouring foundation, we are doing a crawl space.
- roof trusses - having them built & placed.
- mudding & taping after we drywall.

He can do the framing, the electrical, the plumbing, and all the finish work. We have done a lot of remodeling and additions and he has built a lot of shops with living spaces, bathrooms, etc. But we've never done a whole house together.

The plan our architect is working on (still being tweaked) is around 3000 square feet, two stories. The architect thought around $45 per square foot was the average for folks here (we are in a rural area west of the Rockies) who are their own GCs and subcontract out stuff, but we're having a hard time finding info on individuals who have built traditional stick homes with a GC, but doing most of the labor themselves. Any guesses for me?

It's a farmhouse, a big rectangle, no fancy bumpouts, mid-grade finishes. Wood floors, but MDF trim. White kitchen appliances. 5 bedrooms, an office, and three bathrooms. A play room, a family room, kitchen, and dining area. Lots of storage. Square, with modular design for ease of building and economical cost. There are built ins but we'll be constructing those ourselves. We also do all our own cabinet work. We already own the farmland & are just trying to sort out construction costs with zero labor. We don't care if it takes us three years to complete, we just want to do it ourselves.

Thanks for any input - yes, we've researched w/ the county & know all the right hoops to jump through / red tape for pulling permits and all of that. We have a GC who will let us do all the work we want.