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Construction process of Building a House

Simple House Building / April 30, 2022

Step 1 – Building a Skogman Home: When building a new home, there are a number of steps that Skogman Homes takes to ensure your experience is everything you dreamed it would be.

Step 2 – Site Plan and Preparation: After your contract is signed, the Skogman team immediately gets to work on your new home. Site planning and other preparations begin, as part of the process to get you started. Skogman Homes hires a third party to stake each home, ensuring that you have the proper drainage. This means that all home sites are looked at to ensure that neighborhood drainage is up to par.

Step 3 – Pre-Construction Meeting: The pre-construction meeting is an important step in which your personal project manager will go over the home plans, a site plan, selections and a timeline. They will also provide you with a list of vendors so that you can schedule your appointments with our cabinet designer, lighting specialist, etc.

Step 4 – Excavation and Foundation: Approximately 45 days after your contract is signed, you will begin to see construction activity. We will excavate the basement, and our foundation trade partners will pour the footing and concrete walls, as well as a waterproofing barrier for your new home.

Step 5 – Framing: Approximately 60 days from the commencement of contract, we will begin the framing process. Skogman Homes utilizes advanced framing techniques, roof trusses, proper window installation techniques, and Tyvek whole house moisture and wind protection wrap.

Step 6 - Electrical/Plumbing/Mechanical Rough-In: At this stage, we will be installing rough-in for plumbing, HVAC, and electrical/low voltage. If you are building your new home from scratch, you will meet with the electrician and low voltage trade partners to conduct pre-electrical/pre-low voltage orientation meetings..

Step 7 – Insulation, Drywall, and Trim Cabinets: The exterior and interior work continues! Upon completion of the insulation stage, an independent third party will perform an energy audit. This milestone reaffirms our commitment to delivery of energy-efficient homes. After drywall is hung, textured and painted, then flooring will start. You will have an onsite meeting with your manager to discuss trim details, and will be able to walk areas of construction that have been completed.

Step 8 – Finishes: As we undertake the finishing stage of construction, your personalized selections will be installed, including paint, carpet, wood, tile, and countertop surfaces. We will continue to work on preparing your home for delivery and closing.

Step 9 – Pre-Closing Walk-Through: Approximately 1-2 weeks prior to closing, your project manager will conduct a pre-closing orientation and review the key features of your new home.

Step 10 – Closing: On the day of your closing, you will get the keys to your brand new, high-quality and energy-efficient home! After you move in, Skogman Homes will keep in touch with you to ensure that everything is running smoothly!

Source: skogmanhomes.com