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Build Custom Home / June 1, 2014

Building a home on your land may seem like quite a challenge during your preliminary planning with various aspects of design, permitting, inspections, and construction that may be new or uncommon to you, and rightfully so. Building a custom home is no small task, which is why it is incredibly important to choose a home builder with a strong supporting cast to aid you in all aspects of the building process. Greth Homes takes the reins early on in building on your land to aid you in avoiding pitfalls or unnecessary expenses while educating you upon the multitude of obstacles we work through to provide you an incredible new dwelling to call home.

To provide more insight to some of the more prominent factors in choosing a piece of ground to build on (or prepare for what it will take to build on the land you currently own), the list below summarizes the site improvement factors that are most important that we will want to discuss with you.

  • Site plans – Do you have access to the site plans for the land or already have them in your possession? The most important part to make educated decisions in home placement and feasibility in home building begins with good site plans showing elevation data, property corners, and any identifying structures or easements we will need to account for. If you do not have access to site plans, Greth Homes will point you in the right direction to have them produced with either the option of paying for this on your own, or adding it to your site improvement costs.
  • Water – Does your land need or have a private well or access to public water? Greth Homes includes public water hookup or a well in our base price; in some instances due to region specific variables there may be additional costs, or even credit given back. Either way we figure this out for you upfront.
  • Sewer – Does your land have access to public sewer, or have a current percolation test to determine what kind of on-site septic system you will need? Greth Homes includes public sewer hookup or standard gravity inground tank septic systems. On-site septic systems such as sand mounds (standard or elevated), drip, inground trench, etc are all complex style septic systems that vary greatly in cost on home size and land percolation results. If you need a complex system we simply investigate the difference of what is already included, compared to the total cost of your specific system. We also handle coordinating the design with an engineer and relaying that to township SEO’s for approval on your behalf. Occasionally, a public sewer hookup can cost less than what we have allocated in our base price, which leads to a credit back to you.
  • Permits – We include all building, township, and any other permit to build a home. This does not include traffic impact fees. You should verify with your township what the zoning is for the location in which you own land and if there will be an impact fee for traffic. We can help you find this out before you purchase land as well.
  • Stormwater – This is what the township will indicate needs to be done with storm water runoff from your completed home. This can be as simple as swales on the land around your home to get water controlled, and in extreme cases consist of sewer grates and berms to allow water to be controlled to a point of percolation that an engineer designs and shares with you and the builder as a requirement for final approval. This cost varies quite a bit from location to location, so we help you to calculate that expense on a per home basis, which is then part of your site improvement costs at contract signing.
  • Soil and Erosion Control Plans – Similar to stormwater, these are imposed by the township or an agricultural engineer to indicate how the soil must be moved and graded off to finish the project, as well as the requirements in which we must avoid soil erosion and runoff. This is not an obstacle that can be avoided, but is usually a minimal expense. Each situation is different since it’s based on the locality in which you build, and once we confirm that cost for improvement it will be accounted for to be a part of your total home expenses and mortgage.
  • Raking and Seeding – Does your site have quality top soil to create your new yard after the home is built? Greth Homes will include raking out stones and debris and seeding for a new lawn included in our base price all of the areas disturbed during building and other areas around the home up to one acre. If you have an additional ½ acre you would like to be mowable grass, you would simply pay for the additional half acre of lawn work.
  • Driveway –How long will your driveway need to be? Greth Homes includes a driveway from a street or road typically 10ft wide by 100ft deep. If you need a longer driveway, you would simply pay for the additional length of excavation, stone, and asphalt to have it extended. If you elect a home design that has a side entry garage you will have more paving included, as well as a 10 x 12 turnaround off of the rear of your driveway.

After all of the above items have been investigated to the best of our ability you are ready to purchase the lot. If you already own your lot, then we are ready to sign the home building contract. The most important aspect of our home building process is that we have indicated to you a fair and educated cost or credit for each aspect of the site improvements to build your home. These are not just a guess, but our promise not to exceed the amount stated when you sin that contract. Any underestimates become our headache, not yours. Simply put, we believe in honoring a price and ensuring that our customers enjoy the home building process with peace of mind that the bottom line will not go up while you their new home is being built.