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Build Custom Home / July 20, 2018

Use us as your agent, and we will rebate back to you at closing any amount that a builder offers in commission over and above 3% of the sales price.

E.G. a 4% commission means you will get 1% of the sales price back at closing – cash.

At 3%, we can afford to give every buyer our maximum effort and highest quality of service, and new construction buyers are no different. By giving any bonuses back to you, the client, we provide peace of mind that we are looking after you and not ourselves.

  • No steering buyers toward bad builders just for high commissions
  • No overlooking quality preowned homes just to snag a builder commission

Many builders offer just 3%. But some offer $1000 bonuses, 4%, 5% – I’ve even seen 7% commissions. That is $1000s back in your pocket at closing, to put toward your down payment, furniture, moving expenses, closing costs, paying down the loan, Christmas presents, or whatever you want!