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Build Custom Home / October 3, 2020

The simple life is slower and you have to get used to things taking more time, but when you do, it's bliss.

In the morning I make tea, usually ginger. Then depending on the season I make juice from the oranges, pears, pomegranates or grapefruits that grow nearby. I feed the wild kittens. They keep other creatures away, they're very useful and so cute. I try to do some stretching or yoga before I start anything else.

Sometimes in the day I work down on the coast. Painting, building, labouring, designing or working on commissions. Other times I work from my little home on my own project detailing how I live. I am constantly creating, I make wind chimes and mobiles from bits of wood I find on the land. I collect stones and shells from the beach to make into jewellery, I knit and sew and weave, I make clothes.

If I need something for my house, I’ll see if I can make it from something I already have. I love recycling things into items I can sell or give as gifts. I run workshops to teach people different crafts and skills. When I'm not working or creating, the house keeps me busy. There always seems to be something to repair or a different challenge to deal with in each different season. Recently there has been a lot of rain so some of the doors have swollen and need planing down a bit.

In the evenings I cook supper on my gas stove or in the oven. Both work perfectly well and cost me 20 euros from a flea market. If there hasn't been much sun in the day I check the solar batteries and if they are low on charge I start up the generator to give them a boost so I don't lose power over night. Sometimes I have friends over and we play music or chat outside on the terrace, but often I enjoy my own company.