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Build Custom Home / June 17, 2021

Our selection process is designed to be simple, fun and flexible. This is your opportunity to make choices that will make your home a reflection of you and your family. The selection process will typically occur within two weeks to one month after contract ratification. Structural options will be chosen at time of contract.

Build Process:

We will apply for the permit after we receive the contract, deposit and pre-approval document. Permit time is typically 3 to 6 weeks from the contract ratification. As your home is being built you will have the opportunity to review it several times with your salesperson. Please remember to make an appointment and obtain permission from the Christopher Companies before entering your home. Please note the following:

Purchasers are often concerned that when the brick first goes on a house it looks different (or even cloudy) compared to what they would have chosen. Brick is always washed before it reaches its delivery stage. This is part of our process.

Shutter colors are delivered in a manufactured standard color if we are going to paint them. They are not delivered in the final color all of the time.

You will have the opportunity to personalize your home; selecting cabinets, flooring, countertops and all of those featured that make our house your home!

During the building of your new home, your salesperson will walk you through each step. Any concerns or questions will be explained to ensure you are happy, every step of the way.

Build Time

Construction duration is typically 4 to 6 months from the time excavation for the foundation starts. During this build time, you should finalize any Lender requirements and be planning for your move.

You will have a formal walk-through with our On-Site Construction Manager prior to closing. Typically one week to the day of closing, depending on the location of your home in the Northern Virginia market or the Delaware market. Your first selection appointment after contract will take several hours. The home will be thoroughly demonstrated and all warranties will be reviewed.


Our main offices will coordinate closing dates with you. The Christopher Companies Sales and Marketing Department will mail you closing instructions once the date has been set. Phone numbers for your new utility service providers will also be included at this time. It is your responsibility to call these utility companies to transfer utilities into your name once a settlement date has been determined.

Customer Service

As you have your formal walk-through, you will be given a warranty book that includes a phone number to call in the unlikely event of an emergency. Our Corporate Customer Service phone number is 703-352-5950. You will have the opportunity to have The Christopher Companies come back and review your new home for possible defects after 60 days and at the end of the first year.