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Building a new House cost

Simple House Building / December 3, 2020

Every build is different so you won’t find anyone who can give you an accurate ballpark figure (a contradiction in terms) and this page is definitely not it. The more accurate you want, the more work and detail you need to put in.

It’s so hard to create an accurate guide that Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment – Building and Housing Group have removed their cost estimation guide from their website. There are tools, but the single most accurate way is to take a design to a Quantity Surveyor and pay them to cost your build.

As building activity increases, so too do material costs. Regulations change. Builders’ rates change as demand goes up. Countering that are modern construction techniques. Group home builders will generally be cheaper for one of their standard plans, but you can be quite restricted in the options you can choose. Architects are more expensive but the value of what you get back is immense and ongoing and usually worth it.

Average house build costs

Beware when you get quotes that you’re comparing the same things – often cheaper quotes will leave out items you have to put in later, or under-quote on items your contractor expects you to change later – and when you do you get charged for it!

Allow at least 10% for overruns, unforeseen costs or changes to the plan – you are likely to need it (and if you don’t need it then you can have a great housewarming party!).

If you can, when getting your job priced up be as specific about the materials and products to be used as possible. If at sketch design, you can attach a ‘List of Inclusions’ which will set out items to be used to a high level of detail, so the builders you get to quote can be quoting on the same things.

As your design progresses to detailed drawings and consent application stage the specifications will become more detailed, which means getting quotes from builders at this stage, or using a Quantity Surveyor to price your project, will give you a much more accurate price.