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Building a House on your own land

Simple House Building / April 17, 2019

You can have your custom home built on your own land, whether you have that acre of land on top of that rolling hill, or your family’s land has just been subdivided among all of the cousins and your section is next to the babbling brook. What do you do now? What you should do is connect with The Homestar Group for a team of professionals that you can rely on. Our professionals can have your dream home built on your own land to your own specifications.

With a Homestar professional civil engineer, you can be assured that the site that you have chosen for your home will support your dream. Your civil engineer will survey your site to determine reference points prior to construction, the grades of the land on the site, and how the elevation of the new building fits within the site.

Your civil engineer will test the soil and calculate the load and grade requirements to assure a solid foundation. If your new home will have a basement, your civil engineer will compute the reinforcement required to keep it strong. Throughout your build, your civil engineer will take care that all of the changes to your land are fully permitted by the government and comply with all relevant regulations.

When you work with our architects, we can help you bring your vision to fruition by planning a custom house on your land. Our architects can help you design your new home to harmonize with your land as you would like it to. Your new home can appear as though it had grown up on the land like the surrounding forest, or it can stand out like a jewel on the hill. Working with The Homestar Group will allow you to realize your vision of living in your dream home on your own land.