How To Factor The Costs Building A Western Carolina Mountain Home

Building a House in NC

Simple House Building / November 23, 2020

Yes. We take care of everything it takes to build your custom home – tractor work, septic, well, driveway, permits, construction – you’ll see all the details in the package we prepare, with your very detailed estimate.

Can I use my lot as a down payment?

The new construction lenders we work with offer a variety of programs. We’ll be happy to provide their contact information, so they can tell you how that can work.

Can I do my own clearing?

Yes, but there are some things to keep in mind. It can cost as much to have stumps removed later as it does to have the entire trees tipped and removed now. And you need to be careful about how much you clear and follow government mandates about your septic field. You will learn more about this in your lot assessment. Always discuss your plans for clearing with your builder before you get started.

What can I do if my lot perks for a 3 bedroom home, but I want 4 bedrooms?

Regulations vary by location. We’ll talk with you about this when we discuss your lot and your floor plan.

I’m used to public sewer. Aren’t septic systems something used in the countryside?

Most lots in North Carolina over about half an acre have septic systems – including neighborhood communities and country club estates. Septic systems are extremely common, with systems designed for the type of soil in the area. Be sure to find out what the perk is – it can make a big difference in how much engineering is required for the system, and impact your build cost. We’ll tell you how that works.

Can I use an existing septic system?

It depends on the situation and the location as regulations vary. In order to qualify for reuse, any existing system will need to be inspected, rated appropriately, and be able to connect to your new home.

What’s a repair field? Why do I need that?

A repair field is set in place to protect you from the rare occurrence of a septic system needing to be replaced. A repair field ensures that your lot has enough suitable soil to run additional lines, as a backup.

Can I put a shed or outbuilding over my septic field?

No. Septic fields need to be protected. Their placement is determined by experts, and everything that you build on your lot needs to take their existence into consideration.

What if I want a pool out back later on?

If you’re considering a future pool (and the neighborhood covenants allow it), let your builder know. It can make a difference in how the county views your septic and well placements.