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Building a home in California

Build Custom Home / January 8, 2018

What areas do you service?
We are a supplier of modular homes in Northern and Southern California. From the Pacific Ocean to the state borders, we are here to serve you. If you are in California and would like to build with modular or prefab construction, we would welcome the opportunity to build your home.

If Cutting Edge builds all over California, how can you serve me in my community?
We are confident that we can compete with any local retailer of modular homes in California on price. Our services are more thorough and customized than our other state-wide competition in California. As they say down south (where our founder is from), we “didn’t just fall off the turnip truck”. We have been helping Californians since 2004 and we have a complete modular home project system in place. Most of the work that we do is done by email, telephone, and fax, so our location is not that important except when we do our initial route survey at your lot and when we deliver the home. We work with local general contractors that manage your project on-site who will be close and handling the critical on-site issues. In areas that we do not have an available general contractor, we can help you find a local contractor to do the on-site work.