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Build Custom Home / January 20, 2022

Building a home is both a challenging and exciting experience. Building a home with Self-Help Homes will give you the opportunity to not only build your home but to be a part of a group where you come to know your neighbors as you help them build their homes.

Self-Help Homes uses the Mutual Self-Help Housing model to assist you in constructing your home and the homes of five to twelve individual and families in your group. Everyone in the group will help construct one another's homes under the general supervision of a Self-Help Homes construction superintendent. No one will move into their home until all of the homes in the group are complete.

We have over twenty house plans to choose from, with a number of different choices in colors and materials. We also build in several different communities and have an inventory of available lots on which to build. You can shop around for lots and plan options by clicking on Find a location and House Plans. You can also check out some completed projects around the valley by clicking on the completed projects link. Once you are approved, one of our friendly staff will help you make your house plan choice.

Source: www.selfhelphomes.org