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Build my own Dream House

Simple House Building / November 2, 2016

Get the app You got: You're going to have twins and you'll send them to private school

You're going to have identical twins, they'll always behave themselves, and you'll send them to a very fancy school. They'll both get straight As, and you'll always be flooded with compliments when you go to their parents' evenings. You're going to be a very proud parent, and rightfully so.

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Get the app You got: You're going to marry the love of your life and go traveling together

You're going to have the kind of marriage that everyone else is jealous of. You'll work hard, and be successful in your careers until your mid-30s, and then you'll sack it all in to travel the world. You'll live the life all of your friends wish they had the courage to live.

Get the app You got: You're going to marry your childhood sweetheart

You're going to reconnect with your childhood sweetheart and fall in love. You'll have the wedding of our dreams, and everyone you care about will be there to support you on your big day. You'll live a happy life together and you'll always make the best of what you've got.

Get the app You got: You're going to move abroad for work

Your career is really going to take off and eventually you'll be asked to move abroad for work. At first, you'll be unsure about it. But eventually you'll realise that home is wherever the people you care about are. And the person you really care about will move with you to support your career.

Get the app You got: You're going to become the boss of a company before the age of 35

Your job is going to get pretty intense and you'll have to put in the hours to reap the rewards. But the rewards will come. Someone who is high up at your company is going to recognise your value and they'll promote you instantly. You'll relish the chance to take on additional responsibility and you'll soon become very important at your company.

Get the app You got: You're going to marry an architect who will build you your dream house

You're going to have a great career and you're also going to write your own great love story. You'll have a perfect wedding and then the love of your life will whisk you away and build you the home you've always dreamed of owning. All of your childhood dreams will come true.

Get the app You got: You're going to live in the city, but you'll have a country house too

You're always going to be incredibly career-minded and when you make enough money, you'll buy yourself a gorgeous townhouse. But when you start a family, you'll crave the countryside so you'll buy a place on the coast too. You'll spend weekends and half terms there, and you'll be truly happy.

Get the app You got: You're going to own a holiday home in the Bahamas