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Build Custom Home / May 10, 2022

"Claiming to be the number one bible for self-builders everywhere, David Snell's Building Your Own Home [18th edition] is just that. His informative book manages to combine masses of information with a light touch...it's big draw is its usefulness to anyone doing up their existing home, since it gives details of new building regulations that came into force on 6 April 2006, plus up-to-date requirements for things such as boiling and rewiring. Hugely helpful and intelligent." (Evening Standard)

"[David Snell's] writing style is nicely accessible but reassuringly authoritative. He's like a dad who always knows best. The book covers every subject a self-builder needs to be aware of, from setting the budget to construction techniques. For practical advice I can't recommend this book enough." (Grand Designs)

"this is a book for the bedside table as well as the building site" (Homebuilding and Renovating magazine)

"Updated and expanded this book is regarded as the `bible’ for self builders" (Ulster Architect)

Book Description

Expanded and updated, this is the first and the best book for anyone wanting to build their own home.

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