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Average cost square FT Build House

Simple House Building / August 31, 2021

It is quite difficult to answer you because the cost of construction will rely on upon the geographical location of the venture. For eg. if you are in Bangalore, the average construction cost of a house would range from ₹1400-₹1600/- sq.ft. but in Jaipur, the same average construction cost of a house would range from ₹1100–1300/- sq.ft. Add up to no of floors and developed territory - For a residential construction, cost tends to diminish with bigger zone and more number of floors. For eg. a G+2 development for a 3000 sq.ft. plot will be somewhat less expensive than a G+1 2000 sq.ft. plot, albeit both are 3000 sq.ft. in developed territory.

This mostly because of variety in cost of Locally Procured materials and Labors and in addition accessibility of Sand, Cement, Steel and Bricks in that specific state.

Apart from these, the cost of development depends on what quality of construction you want as well as a specific city will fluctuate depending upon the following factors:

  • Kind of materials: The quality of construction depends on materials that you are using. If you are using A grade cement like ultra tech cement vs low grade cement, Tata steel vs low grade steel manufacturing steel, A grade bricks and sand vs low grade bricks and sand make a significant cost difference.
  • Kind of fittings and internal Finishing expected: The Quality/Brand of paint, flooring, sanitary Fittings and so on.