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Simple House Building / January 22, 2016


Keep Your Friends Close, but Your Valuables Closer:

Forget all the cliché hiding spots, like your nightstand or a safe behind a conspicuously attractive painting. After all, the master bedroom is usually the first place burglars scour. (ASecureLife)

Think more creatively and consider, say, your child’s sock drawer instead, or even a special secret place behind one of the tiles. Some may even hide items of a redemptory nature behind the toilet. Don’t worry; making convenient hidey-holes yourself is easier than you think. You just need to be creative and think like a burglar.

Cars are Man’s Best Friend:

Ok, so dogs help scare away intruders, but cars could come in handy too. For example, if you hear someone suspicious coming up the driveway, what better way to scare them off than to press the panic button on your car’s key ring? And pimping your ride means less chance of it getting stolen and more of getting identified easily: after all, what self respecting carjacker would want to go driving with a “Hello Kitty” bumper sticker sticking out like a sore thumb.

When One Door Closes, Keep the Windows Closed too:

Your front entrance is your first line of defense, and if you don’t fortify it the burglars might break in.Yes, at least 34% of burglars enter right through the front door! (ASecureLife)

So reinforce your doors if they have a weak frame (hint: mail slots go against the wood grain), and make sure that your windows aren’t large enough for anyone to squeeze through. Wooden dowels work excellently against sliding doors/windows.

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It Matters Where You Place Your Security System:

Check if any part of your security system is visible through glass or mirrors at the entrance as outsiders may be able to peek in. An FBI report in 2009 revealed that of the estimated 2 million burglaries that took place in the country, 32.2% happened because the doors were left unlocked (NY Times) So get a trusted locksmith to go over your locks immediately, and maybe install a deadbolt lock or two for extra protection.

(Outside) Appearances are Everything:

You know how they always say there’s someone watching you? Well it may not be Big Brother, but that doesn’t mean you should let your guard down. Even a simple status update telling everyone you’re on vacation could give burglars the heads-up they need. On the other hand, consider how effective simply waving goodbye as you leave could be, pretending that there’s someone inside your house and bamboozling any scouting burglar.

In fact, 97% of home invasions happen when no one is at home (FBI) Therefore, always be vigilant when you’re about to leave your house for an extended period of time. Anything, from a pile of untouched mail on your doorstep to a car loaded with luggage the night before could tempt a break-in. It’s best not to leave ladders or piles of wood lying against your house outside either, as it could provide convenient entry-ways too.

You could also easily deter burglaries by eliminating any cover that large trees and bushes in your lawn may provide. Planting thorny shrubs like rosebushes instead may help. Fake alarm system decals and surveillance cameras could work too, though there’s nothing better than the real thing.

Know The Neighbor:

Even if you’re not a people person, getting to know your neighbor could be more helpful than you imagine. Who else would keep an eye on your house for you while you’re away. Have the house looking occupied by collecting any fliers from your doorstep, and even leave tracks in the snow outside your house for you?

There are also community programs such as Operation Identification or Neighborhood Watch you could join to keep your neighborhood crime-free and safer.

Accidents Waiting to Happen?

So you’ve heard the drill about safety at home, but did you know you should never use indoor extension cords outside unless it says it’s ok on the label? How about those oily rags that catch fire easily, even when there’s no flame nearby? You can never be too safe, not when non-rechargeable batteries could explode on you when you try to charge them. Where does the madness end?

Luckily, these are all things you could control with a little care. For example, make your roofing fire-resistant if your house is still in the construction phase. You could even install smoke detectors on every level of your house. After all, almost two-thirds of home fire deaths took place in houses without any smoke detectors. (NFPA)

There are plenty of other things you could do to protect your house while being economically and smart. Try thinking outside the box, and you might even find yourself coming up with more unique ways to outsmart crooks and avoiding accidents.