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What is a good electrician?

Simple House Building / October 1, 2020

If you think that you cannot cope with self-installation or repair of electrical wiring, it is better to call an electrician. First, the specialist will do everything safely. Secondly, an experienced electrician will be able to offer you a more suitable wiring option, which will save money on the purchase of materials. Thirdly, at the end of the work, the wiring will be checked, which you will not do yourself (you still have to call the specialist).

How should you choose good electrical contractor? It is worth considering examples of finished works: photos on a laptop, a prepared album or a photo gallery on a business card site. If the electrician you have chosen does not have a so-called portfolio, it is better to refuse his services, or at least ask what is the reason for the lack of minimal preparation for the first acquaintance with the client. It is good if the performer you have chosen will have a specialized technical education, and not just a 2-month courses diploma, or even worse, when the master is self-taught.

A large arsenal of tools, including a measuring one is of course an indirect indicator, since many would-be electricians have a complete set of both hand and power tools. Nevertheless, the tool says a lot about its owner, and if the set consists of a small bag with a tester, a set of screwdrivers and pliers with electrical tape, you should think about choosing this performer. Overalls, by the way, are also a good indicator of professionalism.

A qualified specialist should know how to calculate the cross-section of the cable, choose the appropriate rating of the machines, the brand of conductors and justify his opinion to you. It's good if the electrician you choose has a website where satisfied and dissatisfied customers leave honest reviews.

Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay