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Pros of buying an apartment for rent

Faq / October 27, 2020

Apartments and apart-hotels have appeared on the real estate market recently, but have already become popular investment objects. The main difference between this type of housing: from a legal point of view, it refers to non-residential real estate. A square meter in apartments, as a rule, costs 20-25% less than in apartments of a similar area. According to the documents, you buy square meters in a hotel-type building or in a public and business facility. Some nuances that are important for an investor are associated with this fact. The management of apartments and their rent can be transferred to a special company, which will take a commission for its services. Apartments are often built in central areas - sometimes they are located in the same building as a hotel or business center. Such objects are rented, as a rule, fully finished, sometimes even with furniture. Moreover, in some apartment complexes you can get additional "hotel" services like ordering food, visiting a fitness center or cleaning.

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However, you should know that you will not be able to register in the apartment as an owner - if this issue is relevant to you. Since the apartments are commercial real estate, only temporary registration is possible.

Image by mastersenaiper from Pixabay